Our school, T.T.I. Medical Training, has a variety of options to help you to pay for the cost of your training. Our programs are a cost effective way to gain training and certifications and to successfully enter the growing healthcare field. Our tuition ranges between $5,705-$6,535 for a complete program. We offer the following options:

*Working your way through school is a first choice. Most of our students work in various jobs and will take one course at a time to complete their program of choice. We offer an “Easy payment plan…no credit check” for you to make monthly tuition payments. Please call our office for more details.

*A grant for training is another option. In the Chicago region, the WIA grant is available. WIA stands the “Workforce Investment Act” which pays for training for people who are out of work or need additional skills to rejoin the workforce. You will have to qualify for a WIA grant to be determined as “eligible and suitable” in order to receive this grant. Our office can help you with this first step.

*A scholarship for training is another way to help to pay for the cost of training. T.T.I. Medical Training offers up to a $1,000 scholarship for qualified candidates. Please contact our office at (773) 941-9000 or (773) 774-2222 for more information about this great opportunity.

*A loan for training is yet another option. The cost of training offers a significant return on your investment of your time and money. Student loans are available to you. You can choose the payback length of your loan and monthly payments. Our school works with you and the lender to offer you an affordable student loan option.

These options are all available to you, if you want to enter the growing healthcare field. You have several choices to make regarding how to pay for your education. The choice is yours and more importantly the future is yours. Please contact (773) 774-2222 or (773) 941-9000 for an immediate and confidential interview.

We want you to begin to achieve all that you can believe!
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